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Introduction of Circus at Courageous Kids Foundation
A circus is a type of entertainment that typically involves a variety of performers who showcase their skills and talents in front of a live audience. These performers can include acrobats, clowns, jugglers, tightrope walkers, and more.

Circuses usually take place in large tents or other open areas such as fields or parking lots. The audience sits in rows of seats surrounding the performance area, which is often a circular ring or stage.

Circuses have a long history, with the earliest examples dating back to ancient Rome and Greece. Modern circuses emerged in the 18th and 19th centuries, and were often traveling shows that visited towns and cities to entertain local audiences. 1 April 2023

Courageous Musasa, Founder of Courageous Kids Foundation receives her first Award

During the presentation of the award by the Young Achievers for Development -YAD Courageous Musasa narrates "It was a huge honor for me to be nominated and receive this award for being a Young Woman of Distinction. I am deeply honored by Young Achievers for Development for this recognition of my social work. 

First of all, I would like to recognize the immense hard work of the other nominees. Dear fellow nominees, believe me, you are truly contributing towards the development of this country. None of you is less efficient than the other.

To be honest, to reach this point is not easy. I had to go through and deal with various complex depression. Furthermore, bringing an idea to life requires a great effort as you all know.

In 2015 I would find children loitering in the streets and neighborhood even during school hours. Upon asking people about those children, I was informed that those kids could not attend school due to lack of financial support as their parents were either too poor to support them or they had died. 

Due to the fact that I was once a street kid I Felt compassion for the children, I decided to enroll some of them in school using my own money which I used to earn through my piecework. I would also invite the children to my house to share food with them. 3 years later, the number of children I supported grew from 3 to 91. 

Following this increase, I decided to rent a house within the Chilobwe Township where I continued keeping and feeding the children during the day and sending them to their homes in the evenings after supper.  In 2019 I was joined by 8 friends who expressed willingness to work with me in supporting and caring for these children. By this time, my charitable activities had attracted the attention of most people in Chilobwe Township including the Chief who decided to introduce me to the department of Social Welfare.  As am speaking now I have 70 children who stay with me at the orphanage in chilobwe and we also give supplies to another 130 children.

In conclusion I would like to thank and dedicate this award to the team of Courageous Kids Foundation working with me for their incredible effort. This community orphan care became reality only because of their dedication and hard work. Furthermore, without their excellent performance, I would not be able to receive this Award." 

The organizing committee, chairperson Albert Chigoga said the award are meant to encourage Malawians to learn to appreciate and celebrate people while they are alive on the development they are doing. we have a lot of people who are doing developments but it is very said that most people they go unnoticed while other get recognized when they die which is very unfortunate. 

Some of the nominees includes Pemphero Mphande, Tusaiwe Munkhondya, Felie Malola, Brenda Mhlanga, Kondwani Sibale amoung others.  -6th July 2022-